The Force of the ‘Slinky’

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You will recognise this as a toy that is lots of fun to play with. This coiled spring can ‘walk’ down a whole flight of stairs, but it was not originally intended to be a toy. We dare you to Investigate how the angle of an inclined plane affects how a Slinky can walk!

Fun with Plasma Globes

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Matter is anything that has mass or takes up space. In fact, you can also be classed as matter because you’re full of atoms that take up the space around you! Teach your students about the states of matter!

Rockin’ Roller Coasters

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Roller coasters rock! What causes them to jet around loops and over hills at super speed without an engine? Roller coasters are powered when potential energy is converted into kinetic energy! Your students are going to love this activity!

The Fantastic Flow Hive

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The Flow Hive is a fantastic example of innovation and invention in an effort to improve a difficult process. Become a bee expert and teach your students about the flow hive!

Eiffel Tower

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The Eiffel Tower is one of the most impressive man-made structures ever built. Teach your students about the different buildings structures and use various building materials in the classroom to create tall structures.

Design the ultimate playground!

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If you could design the ultimate playground, what would it look like? How would it work? Be inspired by this article and the activity that we have for you! Dive into the physics behind these 6 simple machines to design your dream playground.

The science of submarines

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Boats are cool, submarines are even cooler! But just how do they manage to move around submerged so effortlessly? Learn how air pressure influences the way the submarine floats and design your own submarine!

The perfect ball!

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Because of people’s love for sports and recreation, all sorts of equipment has been invented over time. And a very popular piece of equipment has been the ball. Have fun and learn by doing this bouncing ball physics activity!

Spotlight – Thomas Adams and the new chew!

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Do you remember what happened to Violet Beauregarde when she ate Willy Wonker’s experimental gum? Fortunately real gum chewing experiences are a bit more fun! Tune in to how chewing gum is made and design your own chewing gum!

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