Make It Better: Reinvent the Christmas Tree!

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These innovation games can help develop creative minds that build a better world! We dare you to design an alternative X­mas Tree! Think about how you can make your tree even more functional and beautiful than before!

D.I.Y. Christmas Tree

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Christmas is coming! We encourage you to be different this year and build your very own Christmas tree. This D.I.Y. project is perfect for kids to develop their engineering and design skills! Below are some cool ideas ideas that you can use for inspiration!

Make the fizziest Sherbet/ Popping candy

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There must be 1000’s of different types of candy sold around the world but few offer both flavour and fizz! In this science experiment, you get to create your own sugary powder that is tingly on the tongue!!

D.I.Y project – How to make a bouncy ball

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Do you know the last ball invention? The super bouncy ball, it is not for a particular sport but for a whole lot of fun. Using science, create your own bouncy ball! Test its ability to bounce against the bounce of other balls you have and have fun!

PROJECT D.I.Y. SOLAR CAR – Build your own ride!

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Have you ever dreamt of having your own car? Now you can and practice your driving to boot! In this experiment, we are building a solar car! A solar car is driven by an electric motor, powered by a solar panel. This car will run on a smooth level surface using only a minimum of 25% sunlight upwards.

Curiosity game: Invent the greatest superhero ever!

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Inventors need to have an element of incredible curiosity and imagination in order to come up with truly innovative inventions. This game is a mix of storytelling and design: you have to create your own superhero! Choose one problem and think about how a superhero can fix that problem!

PROJECT: D.I.Y. Kaleidoscope – Visual Magic!

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Get ready to have some fun with this wonderful science project for all ages! Learn how the kaleidoscope creates stunning patterns using mirrors to reflect light. It’s the perfect activity to encourage your kids to play with science and experience visual wonders!

Make it better game: Invent the new super watch

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In the technological age in which we live, innovation games can prepare children for successful careers and help them make a real difference. In This game, we will look at reinventing the watch to make it the most functional device ever created!

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