Challenge: Its Race Time!

Challenge: Its Race Time!

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Challenge: Ramp it up! Can you build a ramp that propels a toy car far across the room at high speed?JI club kaleidoscope (3)

The aim is to use an incline and allow gravity to take you to victory!


What you’ll need:

  • toy cars
  • strips of cardboard
  • any textured paper or material (i.e. paper, tinfoil)
  • books
  • a pair of scissors
  • tape
  • ruler


How to play:

  1. Cut out a strip of cardboard about 18 cm in length.


2. Stack the books until they are about 6 cm high (this will serve as your starting platform).


3. Position the cardboard piece at a slanted angle so that one end meets the floor and the other end is on top of the books.


4. Set your car at the top of the stack of books


5. Ready, 1,2,3, go! Let go of the car and see how far it travels. Don’t forget to measure the distance covered. You can even use a stopwatch to time how long the car moves.


6. Start adjusting the ramp in different ways.

  • Try adding more books so that the ramp is higher.
  • Try placing the ramp on a different floor surface.
  • Try covering your ramp with different paper/material


7. How fast and far can you make the toy car go? Challenge your friends and family to construct their own ramp and beat your time and distance!



















Ready for another race?

Check out the video below to have a look at how’s done.