Make It Better: Reinvent the Christmas Tree!

Make It Better: Reinvent the Christmas Tree!

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Innovation is vital to the future development of our society. These innovation games can help develop creative minds that build a better world! Innovation is about finding a ways to improve a product, process or service – making it even better.



This time, we dare you to design an alternative X­mas Tree! Put your imagination to work and think about how you can make your tree even more functional and beautiful than before!


Step 1:

With your children, think about the problems that you face when you are picking up the Christmas tree from the store or when you are setting it up.


Step 2:

What features of the Christmas tree would you change? Consider the materials that would enhance your tree, whether you like fabric, wood or electronics. Try to be eco­-friendly by choosing recycled materials or giving a new use to things that you may have at home 🙂


Step 3:

Write down the characteristics that would improve the tree and help solve the problems that you came up with in step 1.


Step 4:

Design and draw your own Christmas tree!


Step 5:

Try to recreate your drawing by building it!



What if it the tree had hidden wheels so you can move it easily?

What if the tree was made out of milk crates?

What if you could project holograms on it, so you could change the tree decoration every day?


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Merry Christmas!! 😀