PROJECT D.I.Y. SOLAR CAR – Build your own ride!

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Have you ever dreamt of having your own car? Now you can and practice your driving to boot! It is not dangerous at all, we promise. 😉
In this experiment, we are building a solar car! A solar car is a basic four-wheeled vehicle, driven by an electric motor, powered by a solar panel. This car will run on a smooth level surface using only a minimum of 25% sunlight upwards. 

You can find out more about Solar Car races reading The Race In The Sun article!


What you need:

– 2x Recycled DVD Drive Motors (2400rpm)materials race

– Recycled pulley for the 3rd wheel (a cassette player pulley will work!)

– 1x 6V Mini Solar Panel

– 1x Soldering Wire

– 1x Super Glue

– 1x Soldering Iron

– 1x Hot Glue Gun

– 1x pair of Scissors




How to make the Solar Car:


  1. Glue the drive motors into the mini solar panel. Be careful not to get glue on the solar cells.












2. Solder your motors directly to your solar panel’s positive and negative terminals, like this:

1 step












3. Glue the third wheel (the cassette player pulley).

step 2













If you are ready for making the car a little more fancy, take a look to this video!