Make it better game: Invent the new super watch

Make it better game: Invent the new super watch

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Innovation is vital to the future development of our society. In the technological age in which we live, these innovation games can prepare children for successful careers and help them make a real difference.

Innovation is about finding a better and more effective way to improve a product, process or service – making it even better.



In this game, we will look at reinventing the watch to make it the most functional device ever created!

Think about all the needs that could be satisfied by a watch thanks to wearable technology. There are plenty of things that you could do by just looking at your wrist!


Step 1

Determine what problems you face when using a watch (it can be damaged because of the materials, you can forget it at home or maybe you can’t do all your favourites activities with it!)

Identify all the ordinary tasks that you could do if you could solve them easily with the power your watch screen.


Step 2

Write down which features would you add to solve all the problems that you classified.


Step 3

Draw your watch and label the parts.



  • What if it showed you holograms?
  • What if you needed a secret code to understand it?
  • What functionalities would you add to embraces communication and friendship group interaction?