Curiosity spark game: The Pillow

Curiosity spark game: The Pillow

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What skills and capabilities should we teach the children of today? What is important to learn? At Junior Inventors, we believe in building creative and innovative minds that can adapt to face a future of unpredictable challenges.

In this game, you can help your child develop creativity and explore new ideas! Remember, in the Curiosity Spark game, the sky’s the limit!

Science fiction can be thanked for some of the innovative, futuristic inventions that we use today! For example, the mobile phone came out of Star Trek, the submarine came out of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and jetpacks, drones and smart watches were inspired by The Jetsons! Let science fiction be the driver when you play, because in science fiction, nothing is impossible.

Let’s start the curiosity spark!



Start with a simple object, like a pillow! Ready for a pillow fight? (Just joking!)

What else do you think you could do with a pillow? (Besides resting your head on it, of course!)

What features of the pillow would you change? Think about uncanny materials that could transform the pillow into a completely different item!


What you’ll need

8 mins


markers / pens


How to play

  • Draw at least six pillows on a piece of paper and take turns to add in new features to each one
  • Make a list of the possible uses for your modified pillows!
  • Think about all the ideas so far, combine some of them and draw your final, best new invention!


Examples (child and parent prompts)

Child – what if the pillow has a human body shape and you can get inside

Parent – what if it had some virtual reality glasses attached


Child – what if it had a motor and some wheels

Parent – what if it had a camera on it!


Send us in your ideas and drawings so we can show them off on our site!