Cool glass toaster

Cool glass toaster

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What a genius idea! Now you can see your bread as it gets toasted so you can get the perfect piece of toast – just how you want it.

There’s a few companies out there making innovations around this idea, and they are serious about selling them too:


Bugatti has created a glass-walled, app-enabled toaster, updating a kitchen appliance that has remained relatively the same since it was invented in 1893.

The Bugatti Noun Toaster removes grills altogether from the toaster equation, and replaces them with glass sides that have layers of semi-conductors to heat the food within.

The glass-walled structure means that not only toast, but any food that fits in a heat-resistant bag could be ‘toasted’. Both shrimp and steak were cooked in a demonstration at the EuroCucina trade show in Milan.

The Bugatti Noun will be coming to the US in 2015, but it won’t be cheap. The price will be around $1,000.



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