GAME: Make it better! Inventing new uses for old things

GAME: Make it better! Inventing new uses for old things

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Make it better: turning the ordinary into the extraordinary! kids-road-trip-game-ji

Inventing means building something new or making something better. Sometimes, inventing means coming up with a new use for an existing product. Take a look around you. How many items can you see that could have a second function?

You can play this fun imagine game anywhere and is a great game for when you’re on the road! This game is great for developing creative problem solving skills. Looking at things in new ways takes imagination, and imagination and invention go hand in hand.

To make it easier, we’ve put together a list of common around the house objects to get you started. To make it even more exciting, try adding two or more objects together.

Put these together to create something new! Add additional items and invent!



Show it off!

What did you come up with? Send a drawing, photo or video to so we can showcase your inventions!



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