PROJECT: D.I.Y awesome foam lightsaber – may the force be with you

PROJECT: D.I.Y awesome foam lightsaber – may the force be with you

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This project shows you how to make a super fun (but safe to play with!) foam lightsaber. Customisation is totally up to you so you can be a Sith Lord or a Jedi Knight.


Pool noodle (1 noodle makes 2 lightsabers)

Grey electrical tape

Red and Green electrical tape (for the lightsaber colour – or choose whatever colour you like!)

Black electrical tape (for final touch up decorations)
Utility knife


1. Cut pool noodle in half

2. Trim noodle by taping down one side, then cutting this section out


3. Of this removed piece, cut a third off and set aside for later

4. Stuff the remaining piece inside the pool noodle – this gives sturdiness to the lightsaber


5. Use the grey electrical tape to bind it all together, squeezing it closed as you go


6. Colour the noodle – remember red is for Siths and green and blue is for Jedis.


7. Create the hilt – wrap the remaining bit of pool noodle around to make a handle, cover this in more grey electrical tape


8. Finish off the handle with more grey electrical tape and decorate with the black electrical tape to make it look like a real lightsaber. You could also use a black permanent marker but this rubs off with use.


DONE! Now enjoy being a Jedi Knight or a Sith Lord swinging your lightsaber around. Perhaps it’s best if you use it outside though…


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