PROJECT: D.I.Y balloon hovercraft

PROJECT: D.I.Y balloon hovercraft

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A hovercraft works because of air pressure: it uses a motor to create a cushion of air. The hovercraft floats on this cushion, allowing it to move over land and water. You can build your own balloon-powered mini-hovercraft using items you can find around the house! It’s a great way to demonstrate the basics of how a hovercraft works and demonstrate the concept of air pressure.


What you need

An old CD that you no longer need

Glue gun and glue sticks

Pop-top sport bottle lid



How you make it

Step 1: Glue the sport bottle cap to the middle of the CD (covering the hole)

Step 2: Inflate the balloon and attached it to the spout of the bottle lid

Step 3: Release your hovercraft on a flat surface (table works best)

TIP: It’s even more fun if you make a few of them and push them around the table. When your balloon hovercraft runs out of air, take of the balloon, blow it back up and reattach it.


Watch how it’s done!




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