Welcome to Junior Inventors! We have created a unique range of teacher and parent resources designed to encourage children to think outside the box. We look forward to you joining us on this journey of curiosity and wonderment. Please feel free to contribute at any stage – we will always be thrilled to hear from you. In this weeks edition, you and your students’ can discover the life of robots and even design one, find out about how the Hoverboard works (yes the future is here, they have actually invented one) and learn about one of the greatest inventors that ever lived – Nikola Tesla!

Happy Inventing!
Billie and the Junior Inventors Team

This week for teachers

Move over Jetsons – Introducing Aeromobil’s flying car

A Slovakian company realises the dream of the flying car through implementing three core science and engineering technologies. Teach your students about flying cars and discuss how this flying car could be used to benefit people’s lives.

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Rockin’ Roller Coasters

Roller coasters rock! What causes them to jet around loops and over hills at super speed without an engine? Roller coasters are powered when potential energy is converted into kinetic energy! Your students are going to love this activity!

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Fun with Plasma Globes

Matter is anything that has mass or takes up space. In fact, you can also be classed as matter because you’re full of atoms that take up the space around you! Teach your students about the states of matter!

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The Force of the ‘Slinky’

You will recognise this as a toy that is lots of fun to play with. This coiled spring can ‘walk’ down a whole flight of stairs, but it was not originally intended to be a toy. We dare you to Investigate how the angle of an inclined plane affects how a Slinky can walk!

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Cardboard Innovation

When 9-year-old Caine had to hang out at his Dad’s auto parts shop for the summer holidays, he was determined to create a games arcade, made from cardboard, tape and a few toys. Get inspired and create your own!

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Grand Designs – The Ancient Pyramids

Did you know that the first Egyptian pyramid was built 4650 years ago? Discover amazing facts about the Egypt Pyramids and design a modern day version of a pyramid in class, you can even build it following our step-by-step guide!

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The History of the Car Radio

Teach your class how the car radio was created back in 1929 and help them to develop their creativity skills by storyboarding the story of William Lear and Elmer Wavering and the evolution of the car radio!

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A look into your eyes

But did you ever wonder why some people have to wear glasses to see properly while others don’t? Teach your students everything about the structure of the eye and get them to design the coolest eye device ever!

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Wicked Windmills – Make your paper windmills!

We’re going to check out windmills, one of the most common generators of wind energy on the planet! Teach your students how wind turbines works by making your own paper ones. Discuss how the energy is captured and transferred!

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When Smartphones were Cellphones

What would we do without cellphones? These days, they can do just about anything! Why they were created in the first place? To make and receive phone calls! So how exactly does this work? Let’s take a look!

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This week for parents

Curiosity spark game: The mirror

Thinking outside the box means to think differently, from a new perspective. This way of thinking helps children to be more creative and look at things and ideas from different angles. This time, you will have to think of what else you could do with a mirror.

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Water filter out of recycled materials

We are going to show you a wonderful hack to turn a jar into a water filter using materials that can be found in your house and garden! Easy and fun experiment!

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Challenge: the powerful catapult!

We dare you to build the most awesome and powerful projectile launcher ever constructed! You can play this game with a group of friends or with your family as a challenge to see who launches the projectiles furthest! Go for it!

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Project: D.I.Y. Submarine – Build Your Own Bath Time Explorer!

Bath time just became way more fun, because we’re going to show you how to make your very own submarine and find those bath toys lost deep under the bubbles!

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The delights of colour: Build your own spectrometer

A spectrometer is a device that studies the composition of light. Yes, light is not actually white – it consists of many different colours! Create your own spectrometer using a CD and a cereal box. Easy, peasy!

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D.I.Y – Create a water cycle in a bag

There is only a limited amount of water on the planet which moves around in something called a water cycle. We’re going to show you a cool experiment that demonstrates this perfectly by creating your very own water cycle bag!

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Challenge: Its Race Time!

Challenge: Ramp it up! Can you build a ramp that propels a toy car far across the room at high speed? The aim is to use an incline and allow gravity to take you to victory!

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